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Flor Garduño

Flor Garduño was born in 1957 in Mexico. She studied Fine Arts in the San Carlos Academy in Mexico. For two years she worked as an assistant to Manuel Alvarez Bravo. Since 1980 she has been working as freelance photographer. She presented her works in many galleries and museums in Mexico and USA and also in Europe (Paris, London, Zurich.

Her project significantly named "Testigos del Tiempo" (Witnesses of Time) was realized in the years 1983-1991. It is documentary photographic recording of the life of people living beyond great cities, devoted to their daily rhythm and customs. Her pictures contain a wealth of the sense of form. Garduño photographed life, religious celebrations and social events. All this was done while maintaining certain distance and with great emphasis put on regularity of composition and balanced framing. It is equally true when she is photographing true world of poor people from provincial regions and when her pictures present landscape, architecture, wealth of tropical nature. All this was realized using very sophisticated, sparing means with lighting and composition playing primary role.
The photographs of Flor Garduño will have their permanent place in rich tradition of humanistic photography which presently, in the times of rapid development of technical civilization, acquires exceptional importance through depth of its content and nobleness of form.

The exhibition "Witnesses of Time" was presented in 35 museums, interalia in the Art Institute of Chicago, the Center of Creative Photography in Tucson, the art museums in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, in the Musee d'Elyseein Lausanne and in the University of Salamanca in Spain.
Her works are part of many prestigious collections like the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the National Foundation of Art and Culture in Mexico and in many public and private collections in America and Europe. She published several books of her photographs, the most famous of them is "Testigos del Tiempo" published, inter alia, by the Thames and Hudson in London, the Motta Editore in Milan and the Aperture in New York.

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